# Example Collection

This repository contains a collection of KGrid Knowledge Objects that demonstrate features of the grid, good development practices and useful tools.

# Anatomy of this Knowledge Object project.

The following structure is not an requirement or enforced, it is a recommendation based on what the JavaScript and in particular Node community at large have been following by convention.

# Prerequisites

There are testing and packaging features in this project that require npm, npm is installed with Node.js npm. Once npm is installed run npm install at the root of this project.

# Directories

  • collection/ contains one to many directories representing knowledge objects
    • naan-name-version is intended for each knowledge object (e.g. hello-world)
  • tests/ is for all of your project test scripts
  • etc/ is a sub-directory for miscellaneous project
  • docs/ is a sub-directory for more detailed information about these KOs
  • dist/ is created and destroyed when running npm run package
  • scripts/ is intended to capture various scripts need for the project (using scripty)
  • scriptswin/ windows versions of the scripts

# Example Knowledge Objects

  • Hello World v1.0 - Simple KO designed as a starting point. Demonstrates a project structure the includes unit testing and scripts to package the KO deposit.
  • BMI Calculator - Simple KO designed to calculate BMI based on height and weight. Demostrates passing mulitple attributes.

# Bundled Object Example

Currently the KGrid Activator uses the Nashorn JavaScript engine for execution of JavaScript Objects. Nashorn implements ECMAScript 5.1 specification
This limits the tools and technics avalable to the KO developer. The KGrid has experimented with webpack and babel as a method to all the developer it until more current tools and techniques. Very simple example is Nashorn doesn't support const and let statements but use babel transpiler we can convert es6 to es5.

Please review Hello World v1.3.

# Executive Object Example

# Testing

Sample tests are located in the tests directory and can be executed using npm. These tests utilize Jest and rewire. est provides the testing framework and rewire allows the tests to access the javascript function without the convienace of the export modules (KGrid Javascript adaptor limitation). The tests are in the tests directory. You can execute the tests via npm

npm test

# Integration Testing

# Running Example KOs in an Activator

You can now test the example objects in an activator via a npm script. This script will download the latest released activator and start up the activator using the example repository as it's shelf.

Open a terminal window at the root of the cloned repository and run the following command.

npm run dev

# Package

You can create zip file of the Knowledge Object which can be used to deposit to a KGrid Library or load/activate on a KGrid Activator.

npm run package

# Tools

NPM Tool

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